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Max-Mell-Weg 5 8071 Hausmannstätten Austria

Our Services

IHA Graz

Every year in march the International CACIB Show takes place in Graz and is organized by the STHK.


Dog Training

In one of our dog training centers you can get help with the training of your dog, please contact the dog school near you!

Theraphy dogs

Here you will find all about therapy dogs, their education and much more.

Club Meeting

Monthly club meetings are organized, which serve both the information, but also the social gathering of all dog lovers.


If you want to show your dog on a dogshow, you should take lessons at our ringtraining.
For more information please visit our Showtraining page.


The “Steirische Hundesportklub” (STHK) is the oldest dog club in Austria and was founded in 1884 by Earl Franz of Meran (son of Erzherzog Johann). The reason was to improve the breeds.

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Email - Günter Wonisch